Yili Group Reports Q1-3 Revenue of 85 Billion Yuan

According to the performance report, liquid milk, cold drinks and other activities of Yili continue to maintain an absolute leading position in the market. Yili’s high-growth categories such as cheese, mineral water, low-temperature milk, and formula milk powder maintained rapid growth.

Statistics show that during the nine-month period, Yili’s infant formula business registered an annual growth of more than 30%.

The latest data from Nielsen shows that September 2021, Jinlingguan, Yili’s infant milk powder brand, has become the fastest growing powdered milk brand in the Chinese market.

Yili invested in Ausnutria Dairy Corporation and became its largest shareholder on October 27, strengthening its position in the infant formula and nutritious foods sector.

The two will cooperate in terms of supply chain, channels and product layout.

Yili smart factory has achieved intelligent and unmanned management and control, and guarantees the highest possible quality for its products.

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