Xiangqi’s third weekend box office revenue is $ 21 million, Cry Macho low – deadline

Update for detailed analysis Questions about the overall health of the domestic box office continue to drop with the Disney / Marvel box office Legend of Xiangqi and Ten Ring It continues to occupy the top spot at $ 21 million in the third weekend, the second-best result of the third weekend of the September release after Warner Bros. Pictures. this ($ 29.75 million).

It’s Friday’s $ 5.8 million, a big take of -39% after -40%, and Destiny’s feature film Daniel Cretton appears to be backing Sunday’s ODE of $ 176.1 million.

There really isn’t much to boast about the rest of the newcomers to the map, many of them are theater window exits.

West of Clint Eastwood crying macho Not his best at the box office, because 53% of Rotten Tomatoes is not his best $ 1.6 million Friday and $ 4.7 million Three days in 3,967 theaters are the dates and dates of the theaters and the release of HBO Max. What would the raw movie look like if HBO Max didn’t steal the eye? This is a long, million-dollar question in 2021, but it cannot be said that an old demo was completely revived in the theater during a pandemic. Of course, given the reaction from viewers of B CinemaScore here and the 73% positive feedback on Screen Engine / PostTrak, the latest news from the 91-year-old filmmakers and actors, the theater window. . I heard Eastwood did the movie really well a year ago. The previous pre-pandemic version of Eastwood, Mule, He also starred, earning 71% on A-Cinema Score Rotten Tomatoes, opening for $ 17.5 million in mid-December 2018 and reaching $ 103.8 million nationally.

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Gerard Butler function on open road Cup store Photos are expected to be submitted in 3,005 retired theaters for $ 950,000 $ 2.475 million 3 days or more. This photo glowed at 80% of RT’s reviews, but 62% were positive and 39% recommended PostTrak, so it didn’t impress the viewer.

Projector Tammy Faye’s eyes, The TIFF premiere was very well received, but critics who toasted it 67% cool on Friday brought in $ 250,000 on Friday. $ 653,000 With an average of $ 1.45K for three days in 450 theaters, old arthouse spectators are not fighting back.


Xiangqi’s third weekend box office revenue is $ 21 million, Cry Macho low – deadline

Xiangqi’s third weekend box office revenue is $ 21 million, Cry Macho low – deadline

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