This Week in Jobs: These 27 tech opportunities need no introduction

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This weekend, Lizzo made SNL history when she was the first host to also feature as a musical artist on the episode.

It’s a reminder that you don’t need a formal invitation (or introduction) to do what you love. If you’re waiting for permission, maybe it’s time to do it yourself.

The news

Dice’s Equality in Tech Report reveals that there has been very little shift in sentiment around gender discrimination and the tech industry.

Game on! Delaware’s gaming industry is booming, with a youth-focused partnership between Wilmington University and the start of the state esports tournament, The future first.

After decades of decline, startups are booming again. But will this revival last?

Among from google announced a $9.5 billion investment in offices and data centers in the United States, including $15 million for Pennsylvania and an expansion of the Pittsburgh office.





  • Public relations, marketing, creation and events agency The Marks Guild is looking for a Senior Digital Marketing Manager.
  • Attention, trainees! personal finance app EndLocker hires a variety of summer intern positions, including:
  • media company Axios recruiting for positions based in its Arlington, Virginia office, including:
  • Fast-Growing Series A Startups Kion develops cloud enablement solutions and is looking for a:
  • SmartLogic is looking for an Operations Manager.


  • Looking for a career in financial services? ANC recruiting for several positions in the region, including:
  • Pearl Street Technologies is developing software for a sustainable power grid and is looking for a Senior Full Stack Software Engineer.
  • Next-generation agricultural technology company Four producers is looking for a:

The end

Walk in like you own the place, and we’ll see you here next week.


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