Stater Bros. Markets “Bring Him Home” by Kay Towine

Stater Bros. Markets launched its newly refreshed brand, starting with its “Bring It Home” advertising campaign. The campaign shows how Stater Bros. helps Southern California families bring home the joys of life with fresh food and meal solutions for their table.

On April 4, the brand came to life on screens and billboards across Southern California, serving as the first step in Stater Bros.’ rebranding, followed by changes to the in-store experience, website, marketing initiatives, corporate operations, and the launch of an e-commerce solution. The modernized brand was designed to reflect the changing shopping preferences of today’s families, and the rebranding aims to amplify Stater Bros. commitment to local communities with an emphasis on fresh, healthy, specialty, ethnic and convenient meal offerings. The modernized brand has been carefully crafted to reflect today’s families, with the company’s new slogan saying it all: Fresh. Affordable. Community first.

In addition to fresh food and fair prices, Stater Bros. identified an opportunity to meet customers on a deeper level: their values. After 85 years of serving Southern California, the goal-oriented approach and personalized service of Stater Bros. are what really connect them to today’s consumers. Stater Bros. CEO Pete Van Helden said, “We are very fortunate to have a great history and culture and a great foundation to build on, but we need to grow with our customers and our teammates today. It’s not just a launch. It’s a journey, and we have a bright future ahead of us.

Dennis McIntyre, Executive Vice President of Marketing and Chief Marketing Officer, said, “We need to have a bigger purpose as to why we do what we do. We are here to nurture our communities and our teammates to improve our communities and make them feel valued. Yes, we’re here to sell groceries, but why we do what we do is more important to today’s consumers and our teammates than ever.

In support of its goal to be the premier supermarket destination for Southern California’s diverse consumer base, Stater Bros. enhances the shopping experience through personalized service and increased product offerings. To align with this initiative, a team of in-house culinary experts will work to bring new recipes and flavors to life in our stores. Later this month, the company will begin testing an updated store decor designed to create a warm and welcoming shopping experience for all Southern California families. Additionally, in late April, Stater Bros. will test a new and improved experience in a smaller format store.

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