SEO: Valheim: How to fish & get a fishing rod

Wondering how to fish in Valheim? Here’s everything you need to know to get yourself some water treats, plus how to get a fishing rod.

Valheim’s survival universe forces players to fend for themselves in a harsh, Nordic-inspired landscape teeming with danger.

However, as your establishment continues to grow, you will need to take stock of your responsibilities as a leader. From taming the boar to friendship with wolves, you will quickly realize that the flora and fauna around you are essential to maintaining a healthy community.

A big part of this is fishing, which requires players to get hold of a fishing rod and make sure these slippery little creatures don’t slip out of their hands. So here’s how to fish in Valheim.


Iron Gate Studio

Of course we all want to catch big fish, but maybe not that big …

Where to buy a fishing rod in Valheim

While you can pick up less fortunate creatures by the sea after a storm, the best way to catch fish is, of course, with a rod.

Bows and spears do not damage the fish, and they must be on earth for you to pick them up, which means trying to grab them straight out of the water won’t work either.

To buy a fishing rod in Valheim:

  1. Find Haldor the merchant in the Black Forest biome.
    • Its location is hit or miss, so there’s a bit of research involved.
  2. Buy it Fishing rod for 300 pieces.
  3. Also, buy bait for 10 pieces per 50 baits.

viking of valheim fishing in a crystal blue pond
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Fishing may seem easy, but it can quickly get quite frustrating.

How to fish in Valheim

Outdoors, the fishing might seem easy enough, but these slippery little guys are used to being pretty hard to pin down.

To fish:

  1. Go to a body of water.
  2. Use the attack button (by default to the left of the mouse) to launch your line.
    • Hold Attack will load the rod and throw it further.
  3. When the bobber disappears underwater, a fish clung to it. Hold the lock button (by default with the right mouse) to rewind it.
  4. Click it use button pick up the fish.

All this requires endurance, so make sure you don’t waste too much! Also, the fish will flee if you are too strong, so be sure to keep your presence on the low-low.

If you are capturing the entire population of a swimming pool, be sure to turn to another then come back, because the fish will reappear.

Valhiem's ​​player fishes with a long rod in the water
Iron Gate Studio

While fishing can be quite relaxing, that doesn’t mean it’s easy!

Valheim: Types of fish

While you might have a hard time catching the snake seen in the first photo, you can easily collect three different types of fish:

Fish Resources
Small Fish (Perch) 1 raw fish
Medium fish (pike) 2 raw fish
Big Fish (Tuna) 4 raw fish

You can use them to cook basic “cooked fish”, but they are much better processed into fish wraps, which are great for helping you maintain your endurance late in the game. They ask four barley flour & two cooked fish, so be sure to get that rod out!

So that’s all you need to know about fishing in Valheim!

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