Postbank says it is paying R350 subsidies again after fixing a technical breakdown

Postbank says it has resolved technical issues that were blocking R350 Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant withdrawals, meaning recipients can once again access their funds.

“SRD grant payments through our retail merchant partners, including Pick n Pay, Boxer, Checkers and Usave, have also been fully restored and recipients can access their grant money through these channels,” the bank said in a statement. SA Post Office branches no longer make SRD R350 subsidy payments.

“Customers can now access Postbank’s comprehensive services across many of our channels, including ATMs, retail merchants and in-branch transactions.”

On Friday, Fin24 reported that the public bank had experienced a technical outage that prevented most of the 10.5 million applicants for the latest round of grants from accessing their grants.

“Postbank would again like to inform the public that SRD350 recipients can only access their SRD350 grant funds through their nearby Pick n Pay, Boxer, Checkers, Shoprite and Usave stores,” it added. .

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