NEW AI tool launched by SEO leader Consumer Fusion

Consumer Fusion, Inc.®, a leading software company specializing in online reputation management, has announced the launch of its NEW AI reputation management tool (negative review widget), which helps businesses to identify illegitimate reviews and predict the likelihood of their deletion.

“We are delighted to present this exciting new feature representing the future of reputation management,” said Brigitte Rubidoux, Director of Marketing and Products for Consumer Fusion. “The tool will play a vital role internally and for our customers as we continue to help them manage their online presence by maintaining honest reviews. We were able to produce a tool with a high accuracy rate and we continue to train our system with more data to increase its capabilities.

Consumer Fusion used years of data from its CRM system to train the deep learning model to predict the likelihood of a review being removed through a review dispute process. The company used 80,000 records for the first round of training and is continuously uploading more exam data, so the model can continue to learn to improve performance and accuracy.

“In the near future, we will be adding the new tool to our backend for our team to use during their litigation process,” Rubidoux added. “The next step will be to add the tool to our real-time reviews tab so that customers can see the percentage of likelihood that a negative review will be removed.”

Consumer Fusion is expected to create a version of the AI ​​tool that will be available to the public by late 2021 or early 2022. This will allow businesses to check their own reviews at their convenience and take appropriate action.

“Our customers often ask our team the likelihood of a review being deleted – and now we have a data-backed response,” Rubidoux concluded.

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