“Nevertheless” Stars Yoon Seo Ah and Kim Moo Joon Reflect on First Drama Performance, Gain Followers, and More

After the last episode of JTBC’s “Nevertheless”, actors Yoon Seo Ah and Kim Moo Joon reflected on their performance and growth.

The two were the second love triangle featured in the drama, with the other character involved being Yoon Sol (Lee Ho Jung). Yoon Seo Ah and Kim Moo Joon played Seo Ji Wan and Yoo Se Hoon respectively, two characters who love Yoon Sol.

In the interview, which took place ten days after the final, Yoon Seo Ah and Kim Moo Joon both shared that they missed the experience. As it was their first drama to air, it was all the more memorable.

It also meant that they found it embarrassing to watch their performances. Yoon Seo Ah commented, “At first I felt so uncomfortable and shy that I was afraid to look at myself. I had so much fun watching it with my parents. It is a habit for me to monitor my performance, so I wrote a journal of my weaknesses and kept a review.

Yoon Seo Ah and Kim Moo Joon explained that working together was a smoother experience because they knew each other in advance. Kim Moo Joon said: “We already knew each other since we are managed by the same company. We knew each other before starting the same project. I must say I was more comfortable with it. She was the only person I knew when we went to read the script. We also took care of each other on set.

Her performance review efforts coupled with the synergy of being real-life knowledge helped elicit a great response from audiences, especially viewers in their teens and twenties. This was especially evident in the increase in the number of social media subscribers, on which Yoon Seo Ah said, “Fortunately, many people came and left encouraging words. With each episode, the number of subscribers It was growing dramatically. It was so cool and it made me think I should work harder. My follower count went from 2,000 to 400,000 people. That’s such a big number that I still can’t figure it out . “

Yoon Seo Ah added that the drama realistically portrays what people in their 20s might be going through. She explained, “Viewers were able to relate and be comforted because the drama didn’t embellish anything. I also felt that way. We are at a point where we have to make decisions. The burden of having to make decisions and taking responsibility for those decisions has been accurately described. It also features various forms of love, so I think viewers were able to understand each couple and see them as their own story.

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