Meet These Philly Tech Stars: They’re the 2021 Award Winners

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As we close the year, we remember a centuries-old tradition here at Technically to celebrate those in our community who work hard, innovate for good and influence others to do their best. That’s right, it’s time to announce the winners of our 2021 price.

As we speak to people in our communities throughout the year, it’s special to honor the people, businesses, and ideas that shone the most, even in times of darkness. And 2021 has certainly had a lot of both. Over the past few weeks, we’ve been collecting nominees, compiling a list and asking you, our community, to vote.

More than seven days earlier this month, thousands of votes poured in for the 30 nominees in six categories. And today, we celebrated the winners at a virtual Slack awards ceremony. Find them below:

Invention of the Year – Hey, Aunt!

This online platform connects intergenerational black women in Philadelphia around mentorship and professional and personal development. It was created by Well City Challenge winner Nicole kenney to be a safe, authentic and culturally sensitive place for connection and resources “with wiser and more seasoned women”.

In a mini acceptance speech on Slack, Kenney wrote, “Wow, thank you! I am deeply honored and touched by this victory !!! Many thanks to the Economy League and Independence Blue Cross for the #Well City Challenge and for creating a space for me to create a multigenerational platform that connects black women and improves our mental health. I am also deeply honored to be nominated with so many dynamic change agents and innovators in my community. Thanks again.”

Welson-Rossman has been a mainstay of the tech scene and a representative of Tank solutions for a long time, but she started her own startup, chronic disease resource My Health Journal, This year. She also helped the tech community celebrate 10 years of the Women in Technology Summit in October, alongside his work with TechGirlz.

In a mini acceptance speech on Slack, Welson-Rossman wrote, “Thank you! It’s such a great way to end the year! I appreciate everyone who voted for me after being one of so many candidates.

Kurtz is CTO of Infinite blue, the Collegeville-based SaaS company that focuses on business continuity software through a low-code platform. Prior to joining Infinite Blue, she rose through the ranks of software developer in the same position at King of Prussia Mountain peak. In his leadership toolbox: psychological safety and open communication.

In a mini acceptance speech on Slack, Kurtz wrote, “Humiliated. Thank you to everyone who voted for me. It has been a great year with Infinite Blue; a great honor to be won. So many great CTOs in our Philly area to be nominated with too. “

Startup of the Year – LifeBrand

This social media startup uses AI and machine learning technology to clean up a social media user’s platforms for potentially dangerous posts. Last year he received a rave reception from Shark tank Mr. Wonderful, and this year he is adding more than 20 people to his small but growing team while raising a Series A.

Growth Company of the Year – EverWash

The car wash industry-focused subscription management software platform this year acquired a real-time vehicle analysis and machine learning platform. OmniX laboratories. The deal will bring 30 employees to the company’s already 50-strong team. Earlier this year, the company also raised $ 5 million.

Cultural Builder of the Year – Justin Roberts

Roberts is Director of Optimization and Innovation and Head of DEI at Kepler Philadelphia office and recently helped Kepler become one of the top 15 companies nationwide to achieve the Black Equity certification at work, joining companies like Nike, Deloitte, PNC and Black rock. He leads bi-weekly meetings with employees around the world on rotating DCI topics and provides staffing and retention analysis on diversity.

In a mini acceptance speech on Slack, Roberts wrote, “The appointment alone was a lesson in humility beyond description. My congratulations to the nominees – if you are in this job, I see you and thank you for it. Thanks for the recognition to those who voted.

Surprise:’s Technical Leader of the Year is Jennifer Kurtz

In addition to the winners chosen by the public, the editors of also named an overall winner in each category, choosing from among the local winners. And this year’s overall Technical Leader of the Year winner is Jennifer Kurtz.

How did we make the call? We looked at our five markets to determine who best represented each category of leaders, judging who we thought we were close to. more shape the future of their industry or have an impact on their communities. When we look back to 2021, we’ll remember that was their year.

Congratulations to all the winners!


Thank you to everyone who joined our ceremony “live” on Slack and helped celebrate these great people and companies! Join us there to see all of the congratulatory posts, and hey, stick around for the community.

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