Low-cost carrier sees seven technical issues in 17 days

SpiceJet saw two technical issues on Tuesday – a Delhi-Dubai flight was diverted to Karachi due to a faulty warning light; another plane from Kandla made a priority landing in Mumbai when the windshield cracked. These are just the latest in the list of malfunctions the airline has faced recently

SpiceJet is currently under investigation by India’s aviation regulator, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation. AFP

The low-cost airline SpiceJet is facing turbulence. The Ajay Singh-run carrier was caught up in two separate incidents on Tuesday, bringing the total number of technical malfunction incidents on SpiceJet aircraft in the past 17 days to seven.

The incidents also weighed heavily on the aircraft’s stock market performance – its shares falling more than 2% on Tuesday to end at Rs 37.65 each on the Bombay Stock Exchange while on the National Stock Exchange (NSE), it fell by 2.20 percent. to be paid at Rs 37.70 per share.

India’s aviation regulator, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), has also ordered an investigation into the matter. “We are concerned about passenger safety and a team has been formed to thoroughly investigate all incidents and submit the report at the earliest,” a senior DGCA official told NDTV.

Focus on the malfunctions that took place on the low-cost company and their repercussions.

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A SpiceJet Delhi-Dubai flight had to make an emergency landing in Karachi, Pakistan after developing a technical problem. The airline said the plane was diverted to Karachi due to an indicator malfunction.

Officials said the plane with around 150 passengers on board began to show an unusual reduction in the amount of fuel in its left tank while in flight, after which it was diverted to Karachi.

According to a PTI report, an official from the Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (PCCA) said that the pilot of the Delhi-Dubai flight of SpiceJet contacted the control tower while flying over Pakistani airspace, informing him that the aircraft had developed a technical fault.

After the plane was cleared to land on humanitarian grounds, Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) engineers worked with the SpiceJet crew to locate and correct the technical fault.

An inspection at Karachi airport revealed no visual leaks from the left tank.

“Apparently there was a problem with the indicator light mechanism on the plane, but it couldn’t be repaired immediately, so another plane was arranged to take the passengers to Dubai,” he said. declared.

Another source at Karachi airport said around 150 passengers were on board the plane and received food and refreshments.

SpiceJet’s replacement plane was dispatched from Mumbai and landed at Karachi airport at 6:15 p.m. (IST). This plane took off from Karachi at 21:45 (IST) with the passengers bound for Dubai.

Earlier, the outer windshield of SpiceJet’s Q400 turboprop plane from Kandla in Gujarat made a priority landing in Mumbai after its outer windshield cracked mid-air, the report said. airline company.

Officials said SpiceJet’s Kandla-Mumbai flight was at 23,000 feet when the outer glass of the windshield cracked.

The aircraft experienced no cabin pressurization issues.

“On July 5, 2022, the SpiceJet Q400 aircraft was operating SG 3324 (Kandla-Mumbai). While cruising at FL230 (23,000 feet altitude), the outer glass of the P2 side windshield cracked. The pressurization was found to be normal. The aircraft landed safely in Mumbai,” SpiceJet said in a statement.

Past accidents

The low-cost airline has faced a series of glitches and one such case occurred on July 2. A flight bound for Jabalpur returned to Delhi after crew members observed smoke in the cabin at around 5,000ft altitude.

DGCA officials, in accordance with a News9Live report, noted in a preliminary investigation that there was an oil leak in one of the Q400 aircraft’s engines and that this is likely the reason for the smoke in the plane.

This incident was preceded by the June 25 episode. A SpiceJet Q400 plane stopped its take-off roll at Patna airport after the plane’s fuselage door warning light came on, officials noted. The warning was found to come from the baggage door at the rear of the plane.

A day before the June 25 incident, a similar incident occurred on a SpiceJet Q400 aircraft flight (Guwahati-Kolkata). The fuselage warning light came on when it was “rotating”, causing them to abandon their trip and return. The pilots of the flight found that the warning came from the baggage door at the rear of the aircraft.

On June 19, the airline again faced two mishaps. In the first, an engine on the carrier’s Delhi-bound plane carrying 185 passengers caught fire shortly after takeoff from Patna airport and the plane made an emergency landing minutes later. The engine malfunctioned due to a bird strike.

In the second incident, a SpiceJet flight to Jabalpur had to return to Delhi due to cabin pressurization issues.

The glitches add to the mounting problems the cash-strapped airline is already facing. Will he be able to brave the turbulence? Only time will tell.

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