Lieutenant Governor Evette on tour DD2 Career and Technical Education Center

SUMMERVILLE, SC (WCSC) – Summerville High School will be showcasing its vocational and technical training center on Thursday morning.

Lieutenant Governor Pamela Evette is about to visit the innovative center that houses the manufacturing, engineering, audio-video technology and communications programs for Dorchester District Two.

Summerville High School principal Kenny Farrell said when the Career and Technology Center opened in 2019, around 60 children were in school. He says that now, between programs like engineering, biomedicine and manufacturing, they take in about 1,000 children every day.

Farrell says they also have two full-time teachers at the center now and hope to add a third soon.

Farrell, along with school board member Justin Farnsworth, says the programs here work closely with business partners such as Bosch, Trident Tech and Volvo.

“We’re just trying to show the big things that are happening in DD2, how great our kids are and how we are preparing our kids for the benefit of our community,” said Farrell.

Farnsworth says they invited Evette because of her passion for workforce development and education.

“From a student’s perspective, he has to see that what he’s doing means something,” Farnsworth said. “That there is a future.”

Farnsworth says their collaboration with business partners in the area is helping them tweak and change the program, based on changing jobs in the community.

“The benefit of this particular center, the cutting edge manufacturing center, is that it just prepares students for whatever they want to do to be successful and it’s just a really cool way to have that pipeline of success. for our students, ”Farnsworth said.

The students will show Evette around their workspaces on Thursday morning and explain to her what a typical day looks like.

Evette should arrive at 10:30 am

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