Learn all about writing a published technical book, from idea to print

Have you ever wondered what exactly goes into creating a technical book? If you want to know the steps that take a book from idea to publication, [Sara Robinson] tells all about it by explaining what happened to co-write O’Reilly’s Machine Learning Design Patterns.

Her article was written in 2020, but don’t worry, because her article isn’t so much about the book itself as the whole writing of the book. to treat, and his experiences crossing it. (By the way, every O’Reilly book has a distinctive animal on the cover, and we learned from [Sara] that choosing the cover animal is a bit of a mysterious process, and is not done by the authors.)

It turns out there are quite a few steps to go through — like proposals and approvals — before the actual writing even begins. Writing a book itself is a process, and like most processes one is new to, things start off slow and inefficient before improving.

[Sara] also talks a bit about burnout, and his advice for dealing with it is as insightful as it is practical: Start by honestly communicating how you feel to those affected.

Over the years I’ve learned that people very rarely guess how you feel and it’s almost always best to tell them. […] I decided to tell my co-writers and my manager that I was exhausted. It went better than expected.

There’s a lot of code in the book, and it has its own associated GitHub repository if you want to check out some of it.

Besides, [Sara] celebrated her post by making a personalized cake, which you can see at the bottom of her blog post. It’s no surprise, because she’s already managed to combine machine learning with her love for cake making!

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