How Much Tax Revenue Will Ohio Cities Lose From People Working From Home 20 Months After COVID? Today in Ohio

CLEVELAND, Ohio – Cities in Ohio could lose more than 10% of their annual general fund income due to the greater number of Ohio’s who are now working from home.

We talk about the income tax loss and what it will mean for city budgets in Today in Ohio, formerly called This Week in the CLE.

Listen online here.

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Here are the questions we answer today:

How much will Ohio’s large and mid-sized cities likely lose in tax revenue because the work-from-home trend that started during the pandemic does not go away?

How many hundreds of millions of dollars will FirstEnergy pay customers in refunds, and what are the refunds used for?

Cleveland voters will decide today to put a much more civilian council in control of police discipline, and on Monday, the team overseeing Cleveland Police Reform in federal court criticized internal police affairs so far. that they move slowly and do business badly. What did the team say in particular?

It was primarily for people accused of minor offenses. Then it was open to people referring family members. What’s the latest change to the Cuyahoga County Diversion Center to further expand its mission?

Advance voting is over as today is Election Day, so what was the trend of this election season compared to previous seasons?

Why do we wonder if all of the groups that have filed a lawsuit to overthrow Ohio’s new gerrymandered polling districts will have a chance to make their case in court? What hurdles is the Ohio Supreme Court pushing them through to get this basic right?

How does Ohio help people who want to adopt children cope with the big bills that can accompany adoptions?

If MetroHealth can do it, why not the Cleveland Clinic and the teaching hospitals. How did MetroHealth achieve near 100 percent compliance with a vaccine mandate?

Can the Town of Sandusky finally breathe a sigh of relief at Cedar Fair’s commitment to the town and region?

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