GoAir flights grounded after technical issues

GoAir flights grounded after technical issues

New Delhi: The occurrence of technical problems in Indian civil aircraft refuses to stop. In two separate cases on Tuesday, GoAir flights, also known as Go First, were diverted to Delhi and Srinagar due to technical problems in the engines.

GoAir A320 VT-WGA flight G8-386 from Mumbai to Leh was diverted to Delhi, and GoAir A320 VT-WJG flight G8-6202 from Srinagar to Delhi was returned to Srinagar due to overrun of EGT limit in the engine.

The first plane was diverted to Delhi due to a failure of the EIU (Engine Interface Unit) in the number 2 engine. A senior official said the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) was investigating the incidents and that both planes have been grounded and will only fly when cleared by the dispatcher.

Dozens of flights have been diverted due to multiple technical problems in the planes of many Indian carriers over the past two days. Sources said Aviation Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia on Monday asked each airline to take all necessary steps to strengthen safety oversight.

Following a series of technical incidents related to snags in aircraft over the past two days, the DGCA said on Monday that all aircraft at base and transit stations should be released by certifying staff holding a license with the appropriate authorization from their organization.

Recently, IndiGo’s Sharjah-Hyderabad flight was diverted to Karachi as a precaution after pilots observed a fault in one of the engines.

On Saturday night, Air India Express’ Calicut-Dubai flight was diverted to Muscat after a burning smell was detected in the cabin mid-flight. A day earlier, a live bird was found in the cockpit of the Air India Express Bahrain-Kochi flight.

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