Fresh Start Waste minimizes the carbon footprint of waste disposal and recycling by keeping it local

Fresh Start Waste Services, the waste and recycling collector of choice, is committed to reducing the carbon footprint of the waste it collects by ensuring that the subsequent movement of waste is recycled in the northwest of the ‘England.

Fresh Start works with thousands of companies across the North West of England to develop sustainable waste management programs that seek to reduce the waste produced by recycling as much as possible and diverting waste from landfills using at instead energy recovery. This work sees the waste sorted into the appropriate bins and then collected separately by eco-friendly double-bodied trucks by carbon-conscious Fresh Start. These are then sent to their recycling center for subsequent sorting and subsequent recycling / recovery.

Then the waste is processed right here in the Northwest. It is recycled or diverted from landfills as energy from waste by partners located in the region.

By treating waste locally, this means it travels shorter distances, minimizing the carbon impact of the vehicles that transport it. This would not be the case if it were transported further for recycling or to produce green energy, as is sometimes the case with other waste suppliers.

Colin Harvey, Commercial Director of Fresh Start, said: “Fresh Start Waste’s continued commitment to carbon-conscious recycling collections and minimizing the environmental impact of the commercial waste we collect means that we are excited to provide a North West energy based solution from waste, as opposed to sending waste that cannot be recycled to landfill ”.

“In recent years we have upgraded our fleet with the greener EURO 6 engine, introduced new route planning software and invested heavily in our recycling and recovery center. All our efforts are focused on reducing the impact we have on the environment. It is very important that we take into account the total number of kilometers traveled by waste, from its initial place of production to that of its treatment. We also support UK tree planting programs in the North West and have planted nearly 12,000 trees in the past two years, to offset the carbon emissions from our vehicles.

“Our goal is to find local partners to help us manage waste and minimize our carbon impact. With many waste collectors always happy to see their waste heading to Europe, we are very happy that our waste is treated locally where it is then used in the production of materials suitable for incineration and the production of electricity. This supports the local economy and employment in our region ”.

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