Deaths due to technical faults: Minister

The deaths of a few patients at Rajiv Gandhi Government General Hospital, Government Chengalpattu Medical College Hospital, and Government Vellore Medical College Hospital in April and May were not due to a shortage of oxygen, but to faults in the gas lines. oxygen and a lack of pressure. , Health Minister Ma. Subramanian said.

“All three incidents occurred during the AIADMK diet but were not due to lack of oxygen,” he said. He was responding to a question on the request of AIADMK coordinator O. Panneerselvam for clarification on statements made by the Chief Minister and the Minister himself on deaths due to lack of oxygen. “There were no deaths due to oxygen shortage after the DMK came to power,” he said, referring to his statement made a few days ago.

As to Chief Minister MK Stalin’s letter to the Prime Minister on May 7, Mr. Subramanian said that Mr. Stalin wrote that “the availability of oxygen in Tamil Nadu is very critical, and there has been an incident. unhappy 13 deaths in Chengalpattu two days ago. . “The letter was written on May 7 and the incident occurred on the night of May 4 when AIADMK was in power,” he said.

It was under the same AIADMK regime that four people died at the Government Vellore Medical College hospital on April 19 and two people died at the Rajiv Gandhi government general hospital on April 6, he said. he declares.

“Not all of these deaths were due to a lack of oxygen. When the incident occurred at Government Vellore Medical College Hospital, 460 patients were on oxygen therapy and 10 kl of oxygen was available. At the Rajiv Gandhi government general hospital, when the two died, 1,200 patients were on oxygen therapy and 20 kl of oxygen were available. Likewise, 310 patients were on oxygen therapy in Chengalpattu and 10 kl of oxygen were available, ”he said. “The Ministry of Health said that all of these deaths were due to technical faults …” he said.

Mr Subramanian held a meeting with 137 private hospitals in Chennai, Chengalpattu, Tiruvallur, Kancheepuram, Vellore and Ranipet on purchasing COVID-19 vaccines with corporate social responsibility funds. Private hospitals had so far purchased 18,70,520 doses, of which 13,31,613 doses had been administered. They had 5,38,907 doses on hand, he said. About 2.5 crore was pooled as part of CSR funding, he said, adding that the health ministry would release details of corporate contributions and links to hospitals.

Vaccination in the Krishnagiri and Dharmapuri tribal areas will start next week, he said.

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