BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE’s MATT TUCK Says Self-titled Album’s More Technical, Aggressive Sound Came “Naturally”

In a new interview with “Whiplash”the KLOS radio show hosted by full metal jackie, BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE leader matt tuck spoke about the band’s decision to pursue a more technical and aggressive direction on their latest self-titled album, which arrived last November via spinal truss/seek and destroy. The LP was written from September 2019 with a longtime producer Carl Bownwho co-produced the band’s 2015 album, “Venom”and produced and mixed the 2018 “Gravity”.

“It just felt like the time had come” Mast explained (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET). “It was just something that when we wrote a few key pieces that opened the door to leaving the album as it is now, it felt like the time had come.

“We came out of the back ‘Gravity’, which was not a technical file. For us, this album was all about the emotion, it was all about the story, it was all about the vocal performances and the lyrical content,” he continued. And it was more of an emotional and personal album. And this time around, it became clear, after sort of finding those two key pieces, that this album was very different – ​​it was very technical; it was very in your face; it was very aggressive. And we just loved that they had that contrast, and it just had its own identity and had its own moment in time in the band’s catalog now. And yeah, I think because we hadn’t shown those skills for a long time – for ‘Venom’ – and starving ourselves to write that way, in a way, as soon as we did, it was like four or five years of stuff was just boiling over. It was just a natural thing, and we just rode the wave, and the more we rode it, the more technical and aggressive the songs became. And it was great. It just made us smile that we could show the heavier, more technical side of the band.”

BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE released a deluxe version of their self-titled album in July via spinal truss/seek and destroy. This expanded version includes four new tracks, plus “Stitches”, a song previously only available as a Japanese exclusive. Following the CD and digital releases, a vinyl pressing will be released on November 11.

Last December, Tuck was requested by NME if he thinks BULLET FOR MY VALENTINEthe next album by will be a mix of “Gravity” – which he previously described as “probably our sweetest/experimental record” – and the self-titled LP. He said: “It really depends. In a year, two years, whenever we decide to get involved in this, we’re just going to do what we do – we’re going to see what comes out, what feels natural, what makes us happy, what scares us, what motivates us. ‘Gravity’ and this album, we’re just going through this whole process of confidence and a fearless attitude in the writing process, and as soon as we start smiling and clapping each other’s hands, that’s when we know that we are on the right track. “

“Gravity” seen BULLET FOR MY VALENTINEThe catalog of exceeds one billion streams in the United States. BALLas one of the most prestigious bands on the hard rock scene.

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