BTS’s V, Peakboy, Park Seo Joon, Park Hyung Sik, And Choi Woo Shik Record “Polaroid” For IN THE SOOP: Friendcation

While Wooga Squad was on vacation during ‘IN THE SOOP: Friendcation’, it seems like they haven’t left their workaholic spirit behind. The five friends came together to create a piece of music to add to their own show as the opening sequence. BTS’s V, Peakboy, Park Seo Joon, Park Hyung Sik, and Choi Woo Shik showed off their best vocals.

In the latest clip shared as a preview for Episode 4 of “IN THE SOOP: Friendcation,” we can see Peakboy lending his producing skills to start working on a new song. Calling it “Polaroid”, the other four join in one by one to record their sections for the song. While the singers, BTS V member and ZE:A member Park Hyung Sik seem to be navigating their part by also adding their suggestions to improve it, Choi Woo Shik seemed to be having a bit of a hard time. Park Seo Joon also walked through his own parts smoothly.

As they decide to record the chorus of “Polaroid” all together, a sweet image of the five of them laughing, messing around and making fun of each other finds its way to viewers. Peakboy reveals that the reason they would like to do this song is that the band talked about “time” a lot during their stay and wanted to create something melodious to store as a reminder of their memories. They practice, fail and succeed with each other.

Check out the preview clip below.

Episode 4 of “IN THE SOOP: Friendcation” premieres August 12 on JTBC and Disney+ Hotstar.

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