Beacon Media + Marketing Releases Guide to Signs a Mental Health Practice Needs a New Website

RENO, NEVADA, USA, April 12, 2022 / — Beacon Media + Marketing has published a guide to the signs that a mental health practice needs a new website. If a clinic uses an outdated website, it can lead to issues that prevent potential clients from booking appointments with them.

Most websites have a lifespan of two years and seven months before they look old. As design trends are constantly changing, people don’t want to see a website that doesn’t match the current ideal of what looks good. If the website is poorly designed, it could lead to a high bounce rate.

Since people spend a lot of time searching online for a therapist in their area, a mental health practice should have an up-to-date website that includes all current services and contact information. If people can’t get the necessary information from the website, they won’t consider the practice for their therapy.

Therapists should consider keeping their website updated with SEO keywords that will help them rank high in searches. They should aim for the first search when someone searches for a firm in that location. Keeping the website up to date with the keywords people are searching for is an easy way to keep traffic going to their website.

Therapists can use the following signs as a guide to know when their mental health website is ready to update.

1. Having an unresponsive website.
2. Having high loading times on website pages.
3. See a high bounce rate.
4. Contain poor content.
5. Struggling to navigate the website.
6. Feeling outdated with web design.
7. Updated website with new branding.
8. Modification of Service Information Pages.
9. Not ranking high in searches.
10. Falling behind competitor websites.

If someone is considering updating their website, they should consider partnering with a digital marketing agency.

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