A conversation with Ryan Baggett of Pro-Surve Technical Services

Pro-Surve’s Executive Director of Technical Services, Ryan Baggett, believes fate brought him to this company.

Coming from a fast-growing and successful private company that was acquired by a private equity firm during his tenure there, Baggett felt right at home with his new “family” at Pro-Surve. Pro-Surve Technical Services provides customers with cost-effective, high-quality NDT, both conventional and advanced, as well as visual inspection and engineering solutions through several divisions.

BIC Magazine recently spoke with Baggett about the importance of integrity in his work and the importance of growth and people for businesses.

Q: What led to your position at Pro-Surve?

A: Fate truly led me to this position here at Pro-Surve Technical Services. Exhausted from private equity and strategic business antics, I partnered with an individual owner who shares the same passion for our industry as I do and whose knowledge and experience is second to none. The dynamic relationship quickly materialized into the phenomenal growth of our business. We are privately owned and truly maintain a “family” working atmosphere. We solve problems and each day is as engaging as the next. There is never a dull or slow moment.

Q: What’s the biggest news at Pro-Surve right now?

A: Last year was awash with organic growth and acquisitions. Adding the right people to our team has led to phenomenal organic growth, even in the midst of a global pandemic. The company is only as good as our team, and we are fortunate to have the best team in the industry. In the past year, we have successfully completed three acquisitions and are now focused on integration. I take great pride in helping others and providing resources for individuals and groups to succeed. For me, this is the most rewarding part of my role.

Q: What is the most important part of your position?

A: Integrity is the most important part of my job. Standing by my word and my decisions is the most necessary leadership action I can perform. Our people are this company’s most important asset, and it’s my job to make sure they have the tools and work environment they need to thrive. I started from the bottom in this industry and will never forget the challenges of trying to excel in an organization. I have no problem getting my hands dirty and that will never change.

Q: What do I need to know before accepting this type of position?

A: “Make yourself comfortable being uncomfortable” is a saying we commonly use on our leadership team. As much as one tries to plan, the plan rarely stays the same. These are the challenges you face when running a service-oriented business. In this position, there is no downtime compared to a regular punch-in and punch-out job. You must be at peace with this scenario and embrace it to be successful.

Q: What’s a “fun fact” about you that people might not know?

A: My father was a guitar and country music enthusiast. Following his passing in 2019, I resumed his passion and now spend my little free time playing guitar and writing original songs. It’s extremely therapeutic and my only regret is that I didn’t catch the passion earlier in life like my dad wanted.

For more information, visit www.pro-surve.com or call (281) 922-0200.

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