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Posted on Feb 22, 2017 in Restaurant | 0 comments

When you buy the restaurant dinnerware for your new restaurant

The restaurant dinnerware speaks about the theme, ambiance, and design of the particular restaurant. You have to be careful when you buy restaurant dinnerware. Here I have explained some points to have to check before buying dishware for your restaurant.

restaurant dinnerware

Budget: For any purchase, the budget is the first thing you have to decide. Decide how much you can spend on dinnerware. But remember restaurant dinnerware is costlier than the dinnerware used for personal use. This is the case of dinnerware, tables, and chairs. For your restaurant, you will need more than one set. Buy in bulk so that you will get more discounts on the price.

Durability: Check for the durability when you buy restaurant dinnerware. One of the reasons why the restaurant dishware is costly is the durability. Restaurant quality plates and other dishware are designed in a way that it can withstand wear and tear for a long time. If you plan to save here you may have to spend for the dinnerware pretty soon.

Theme and design of the restaurant: When you buy the dinnerware for your restaurant try to buy the dishware that complements the restaurant’s theme and design. For example, if you are planning to serve Italian food you may buy plates of bright colors. You can buy separate dinnerware for different dishes. If you are going to buy the restaurant dinnerware from the commercial dinnerware stores you can get it personalized with the restaurant’s name.

types of restaurant dinnerware

Type of dinnerware: Next step is to decide the material used for the plates. You have to answer the question – whether I should buy porcelain dinnerware or plastic dinnerware? This also will depend on the budget and theme of the restaurant. Try to buy dishware that is recyclable or disposable. In case if you are planning to serve on paper plates make sure you have the facilities to dispose of the plates. If you are thinking that paper plates are cheaper than the other type, over the years the cost is going to exceed the money you have to spend for the porcelain or metal dinnerware now.

List out the items needed: A restaurant dinnerware will contain plates, mugs, bowls, forks, and spoons. The last activity is to list out the needed cutlery for your restaurant. Try to get an idea about the number of dishware you need and note down the items.

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