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Posted on Oct 27, 2017 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

When Is It Great to Become Furries?


The furry fandom is known to be vast and diverse welcoming just about anyone who are interested to learn about their hobbies. The warm and friendly atmosphere they exhibit goes a long way in attracting new fans. Anyone can become a furry however for some, they may find it hard to express them out in the open. Let us look at when is the best to become a furry.

If you ask a fan when they became a furry, you may be surprised to the answers they will give you. Each and every fan has different experience with regards to the fandom and as such, you may not get the same answer with the person you previously ask. Indeed, there is no definitive time to become a furry. Some fans feel that their transition to the fandom happened as a natural occurrence. Others felt inclined to join because of their friends and colleagues who share the same likes and interest.

It should be noted that children at a very early age may already be exposed to the furry fandom without them every knowing it. This is quite apparent with the countless number of anthropomorphic cartoons that are shown in the media. Most of them can be found in kid’s cartoons as well as in the ones made popular in movies. The love for these characters are oftentimes carried over as they age turning them into furry fans as a result. Some may even just use tails, like Love Plugs, as an initial step.


Now more than ever, the furry fandom has expanded their reach steadily increasing in numbers every year. This is made possible with them getting the much needed exposure over the internet. Online has indeed been one of the most popular places to meet fellow furry fan. The added attention they get helps draw the attention of others. Closet furries seeing them over the internet may be encouraged to come out of their shell as a result. Conventions has also been a great place for furries to meet and interact with fans. With their growing popularity, organizers have dedicated furries their very own convention.

As mentioned earlier, there is no definitive answer as to when is it great to become a furry. With that being said, now may be the perfect time to join the fandom with them getting more and more attention to the public eye. Start looking for a furry convention near your area today!

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