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Posted on Feb 22, 2017 in Restaurant | 0 comments

Types of restaurant dinnerware in the market

We all love to go out for dinner or lunch with our family. Once we order the dishes the chefs will start working on the dishes. Once the dish is ready they arrange the dish on a dinnerware that suits the dish. For example, the solid food will be served on plates and liquid will be served in bowls or mugs. Depending on the dish item you will get to see different shapes of dinnerware in front of you. There are several types of restaurant dinnerware in the market. Let us list out some of the types here based on the material used. This article covers different aspects of how to choose the right dinnerware for your restaurant.

restaurant dinnerware

 Glass Dinnerware: From the name itself we can understand that this restaurant dinnerware is made from glass. This gives a classy look to the table and is considered as one of the most prestigious types of pottery. The only disadvantage of this dinnerware is that it will break easily and will slip out of hand if handled with wet hands.

Plastic Dinnerware: This restaurant dinnerware is considered as one of the economical and safest ways to serve food. This type of dinnerware is cheaper than the other types. It is the safest choice because it will not break that easily even though it is not unbreakable.

China Dinnerware: China dinnerware is also known as porcelain dinnerware. This material is tough and strong when compared to the other types in the market. This type of restaurant dinnerware was first made 2000 years ago. The manufacturing process is complicated and takes time when compared to stoneware or earthenware. Some of the unique characteristics of porcelain restaurant dinnerware are its hardness, whiteness, resonance, resistance to chemical attack, and thermal shock.

restaurant dishes

Wooden Dinnerware: If you are searching for a dinnerware that represents the nature in a better way you can use wooden dinnerware in your restaurant. You can buy wooden plates, bowls, and spoons. But serving food on a wooden plate or plank is not free from issues. When the customers use fork and knife there are chances of damaging the wooden plank.

Metal Dinnerware: Here the dinnerware is made of metal that comes in different shapes and sizes. The metal used can be steel, copper or any other metal. Metal restaurant dinnerware may not be cheap but they are considered unbreakable when compared to porcelain, glass, and plastic. Even wooden dinnerware will get damaged.

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