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Posted on Apr 2, 2017 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Leveling Up Shortcuts in Restaurant City

Players who want to level up faster in Restaurant City may wish to consider a few tips and tricks to level up recipes and thus increase their gourmet points faster.

Pass the Restaurant City Quiz Daily

Passing the Restaurant City quiz is an excellent way to get one new ingredient every day. The food quiz asks questions that test your general knowledge about food. If you are having trouble answering the food quiz, you can find Restaurant City answers on several Restaurant City quiz websites.

Keep in mind that the items you get from the daily food quiz are usually common ingredients. To get more rare ingredients in Restaurant City, other techniques are crucial.

Find the Gourmet King or Food King

When you look around your own restaurant or other friends’ restaurants on Restaurant City, you will often find the Restaurant City Food King, also known as Gourmet King, doing various activities such as having a picnic in the grassy area outside your restaurant, walking on the sidewalk, sitting at a table, and more. Clicking on the Food King will allow you to choose an item to share with your friends. Usually, players can choose either a rare ingredient, an exclusive recipe, or a decorative item to share with friends. The shared item will appear on your Facebook wall for your friends to click on.

The drawback of the Gourmet King is that you cannot receive your own shared items – only friends can receive the items you find. However, consistently finding the Gourmet King will encourage other players to do the same, and by checking your friends’ walls constantly, you can get some rare ingredients that friends have shared when they have found the Food King.

Check Friends’ Facebook Walls Often

In addition to getting items from the Food King, another good reason to check friends’ Facebook walls often is because when your friends’ pass a Restaurant City milestone, they will often share celebratory gifts with friends. If a friend has mastered the Coffee Bar challenge, for example, she may post her accomplishment on her wall, along with a gift of Restaurant City coins or a rare ingredient.

Send Gifts to Restaurant City Friends

Giving begets more giving in Restaurant City. When you give a gift to a Restaurant City friend, you automatically request a gift in return. Most friends will gladly send you a gift, and as gift items are usually rare items, you can use them to level up your more exclusive recipes. Another Restaurant City bonus: when your friends accept your gifts, you get a thank you present in return. Often this thank you gift consists either of coins or a decorative item that you can sell to get more Restaurant City money.

Join the Restaurant City Playfish Forum

By joining the official Restaurant City forum you gain access to daily free items, as well as many other

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